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July 22, 2012

Want to be on my link list or blog list?

Well, Rural Rooted is starting to settle into place so now it is time to reach out to others and expand the empire.  I am looking to exchange links and blog listings with the right people.
Rural Rooted is just getting started and what will be coming in the future is going to blow some people away.
Photography, food, poetry, DIY projects, art, antiques, home furnishing, design, gardening, home renovations, pets/wildlife, and even more.
I am already very proud of what I have accomplished in a few short months and very much look forward to expanding beyond my wildest dreams.
In due time there will also be an online store available to order and purchase some incredible items created by myself (Jordon Slaght).
Currently my posts are already linked to dozens of social networks and tonnes of great people and organizations from around the world.
So, if you are interested come join in the fun and swap links with me.  The more the merrier : )

My creativity has no limits and soon the whole world is going to know.

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