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April 29, 2015

The International Grief Share Program

The International Grief Share Program can be heard on and at various times throughout the day to help those in the #grieving process #heal . Personal loss is seldom easy especially when unexpected or sudden but fortunately and have some assistance to offer to you our listeners. Vicki and Heidi through the #guidance of #TheBible . #Scripture tells us that "The Lord is close to the #brokenhearted ."
This program is both comforting and reassuring of the fact that we are never truly #alone . The Lord is our #shepherd and he loves his sheep. He is #love , #understanding, and #comfort even when we feel #hate , #resentment , and #anger . All of us as individuals have our own way of dealing with these matters but frankly many of them are #unhealthy. Some people turn to #work , #alcohol , #Starvation , #drugs , #violence and many other troublesome #habits . All too often the last place people turn is too is TheScripture . Thankfully we have a patient #God .
 Get your grieving process started on the right foot by listening to Grief Share with Vicki and Heidi on and/or

April 27, 2015

Soccer Has Sprung in Canada and the Fields Are Green Once Again

Mohawk Institute residential School's Troubled Past In Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Today #NativeAmericans continue to struggle to receive the acceptance and respect so many of us take for granted in our daily lives. Why just in recent news a dozen Native American actors walked off the set of #TheRidiculousSix an #AdamSandler 's latest film for #Netflix. They claim the movie is offensive to women, children, and their Native American culture. In response Goldie Tom, a producer of the film stated, "if you are overly sensitive about should probably leave."
Are we as a society capable of walking the walk or are we just talk?

The #MohawkInstituteResidentialSchool which is now the location of the #WoodlandCulturalCentre in #Brantford, #Ontario, #Canada was just one of several schools in the Indian Residential School System. These schools were formed, "To kill the Indian the child," Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper stated.
Native American children were forcibly removed from there homes and communities to be underfed, under clothed, and abused in every possible. Many of these children never returned home and the survivors were left to battle the tormenting and everlasting nightmare they once called home.
Not only were individuals damaged but the Native American community, language, culture, and history all suffered at the hands of the Canadian government.  #Traditional practices were deemed to be inadequate and were in fact prohibited in the Indian Residential School System. Many f these practices are and were passed down from generation to generation and not taught in school rooms. So without access between generations traditions soon became forgotten
#StephenHarper and the #Canadian government have admitted there fault but these are just words all be them touching and long overdue this is only the first step in the long road to #equality. 

April 24, 2015

Maury Blair Takes To The Air On Loud Cry Radio

We see horrible stories of abuse everyday on the news from #JerrySandusky to #CharlieSheen .We also see fictional cases on crime and law dramas such as #LawandOrder, #CSI, or #CriminalMinds or read about them in books like #Hannibal . Unfortunately, for many of us abuse is a subject that hits close much closer to home. Whether a victim of abuse yourself, a friend or a family member. Thankfully, help is now easier to find than ever before and the days of having to #suffer #alone and keeping it to yourself are over. Not that we are ever truly alone. The best friend and support system one could ever have is always right by your side even if you can't see him and his name is #JesusChrist . Sometimes, it is hard to find someone to open up too for #fear of being judged or humiliated but as Maury Blair found out our #Lord and #Saviour is forgiving and he is #love .
Tune in to and listen to what #MauryBlair has to say on the subject on his Loud Cry program #HelpingTheAbused . Maury is a #survivor of #abuse himself and follower of #Christ and knows just how powerful #faith can be in ones  darkest moments.  
Abuse can come in many forms as we all probably are aware already but the stigma that one is worse than another still exists: #sexualabuse , #emotionalabuse , and #mentalabuse can all have the same crippling long term effects. As well, it doesn't matter whether you are a #man or a #woman #abuse is just that, abuse. I encourage everyone to share this in hopes that someone who needs to hear this message will get the opportunity to do just that. If only one person can be helped is not worth it?  Help end the silence.

A Beautiful Day Along The Grand River In Brantford, Ontario, Canada

April 17, 2015

Live Healthy With Bev Miller

Now a days it seems that there is a different #diet trending every week. One day you should drink as much #coffee as you can possibly consume and the next day it is #chocolate . After a while however, it becomes very confusing as to what we should be eating and more often that not, nobody wants to go into detail to explain why we should be eating these foods or other items scubas: #coconutoil , #garlic , or #blueberries.
Even #thedoctors can be difficult to get answers from if you find the courage to ask a #physician . Luckily for all has an enjoyable and entertaining solution that can provide solid answers to your questions and her name is Bev Miller a registered #dietician who has been involved with #churches , #firstnations and #women organizations to mention a few in her prolific career.
#LiveHealthy with #BevMiller is an informative and engaging program that supports the idea that a #healthy body supports a healthy mind, body, and spirit by utilizing a #vegetable based #diet . Bev Miller is a #vegetarian who has been in the business a long while and loves sharing the #knowledge she has picked up along her life path. This is not just a trend, it is Bev's way of life.
That is why she has a segment on #ItIsWritten on #CTV Saturday mornings, and also can be seen on #YESTV . Bev Miller breaks down the facts into an accessible form for everyone to be able to absorb but is still informative for even the most educated listener. What is really special about Bev Miller's program is how she incorporates the effect of the #food we intake on our #body as a whole. This program isn't just about building #bigmuscles or  #weightloss it is about making our bodies better as whole. Physical health without mental, emotional, and spiritual health is of little good.
If you want to be a healthier person all around and learn how to maintain your new #healthylifestyle once achieved than tune into #LiveHealthywithBevMiller on #LoudCryRadio and subscribe to our newsletter at It really doesn't get an easier does it?

As well, for business owners who promote a healthy way of life please consider becoming a sponsor by visiting
or contact us toll free @ 1-866-906-0153

April 14, 2015

Naomi Striemer: Born a Star Destined to Serve Christ

Naomi Striemer 's humble beginnings as a missionary farmers daughter growing up in Nova Scotia ultimately paved the way for her future but it took a visit to #PuffDaddy to solidify this elegant songstress's #faith.
After years of trials and errors playing in coffee clubs such as #Chapters in #Toronto she finally got her big break and found herself rubbing shoulders with the likes of #Justintimberlake and #RandyJackson. #NaomiStreimer even cut a single called #Cars with #GrammyAwards winner #CarlosSantana.
That visit to Puff Daddy's studio changed everything when she was informed of a dream a chauffeur had of Naomi he claimed that an angel told informed him she should change paths. 
So, Naoimi did. Naoimi decided to head back to her roots of #Christ and the #Church and pursue a career in contemporary #ChristianMusic. Choosing to pursue a greater earthly purpose over fame and fortune is not an easy decision for anyone and Naomi was no exception. Luckily for her and us alike #God in fact had much greater intentions for her.
Now instead of appearing in pop culture media forms such as #Billboard she can be seen on #The700Club , #TheHourofPower , #100HuntleyStreet , and #ItIsWritten.
Naomi has also taken involvement with many great causes including: #SickKidsHospital , #ADRACanada, and #CompassionArtist. 
 Her career has stretched far past just music as she has written a critically acclaimed book titled #BackstagePass which depicts her struggles, she regularly blogs, and hosts a #radio program exclusively for
Naomi is approachable as the lyrics she sings. A truly wonderful and gifted young lady who remained as humble as her up bringing. 
In a #media world filled with sex, drugs, and earthly possession Naoimi is a #blessing and a true breath of #fresh air.

If you would like to bring Naomi's incredible talents to your House of God visit

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