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April 17, 2015

Live Healthy With Bev Miller

Now a days it seems that there is a different #diet trending every week. One day you should drink as much #coffee as you can possibly consume and the next day it is #chocolate . After a while however, it becomes very confusing as to what we should be eating and more often that not, nobody wants to go into detail to explain why we should be eating these foods or other items scubas: #coconutoil , #garlic , or #blueberries.
Even #thedoctors can be difficult to get answers from if you find the courage to ask a #physician . Luckily for all has an enjoyable and entertaining solution that can provide solid answers to your questions and her name is Bev Miller a registered #dietician who has been involved with #churches , #firstnations and #women organizations to mention a few in her prolific career.
#LiveHealthy with #BevMiller is an informative and engaging program that supports the idea that a #healthy body supports a healthy mind, body, and spirit by utilizing a #vegetable based #diet . Bev Miller is a #vegetarian who has been in the business a long while and loves sharing the #knowledge she has picked up along her life path. This is not just a trend, it is Bev's way of life.
That is why she has a segment on #ItIsWritten on #CTV Saturday mornings, and also can be seen on #YESTV . Bev Miller breaks down the facts into an accessible form for everyone to be able to absorb but is still informative for even the most educated listener. What is really special about Bev Miller's program is how she incorporates the effect of the #food we intake on our #body as a whole. This program isn't just about building #bigmuscles or  #weightloss it is about making our bodies better as whole. Physical health without mental, emotional, and spiritual health is of little good.
If you want to be a healthier person all around and learn how to maintain your new #healthylifestyle once achieved than tune into #LiveHealthywithBevMiller on #LoudCryRadio and subscribe to our newsletter at It really doesn't get an easier does it?

As well, for business owners who promote a healthy way of life please consider becoming a sponsor by visiting
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