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April 24, 2015

Maury Blair Takes To The Air On Loud Cry Radio

We see horrible stories of abuse everyday on the news from #JerrySandusky to #CharlieSheen .We also see fictional cases on crime and law dramas such as #LawandOrder, #CSI, or #CriminalMinds or read about them in books like #Hannibal . Unfortunately, for many of us abuse is a subject that hits close much closer to home. Whether a victim of abuse yourself, a friend or a family member. Thankfully, help is now easier to find than ever before and the days of having to #suffer #alone and keeping it to yourself are over. Not that we are ever truly alone. The best friend and support system one could ever have is always right by your side even if you can't see him and his name is #JesusChrist . Sometimes, it is hard to find someone to open up too for #fear of being judged or humiliated but as Maury Blair found out our #Lord and #Saviour is forgiving and he is #love .
Tune in to and listen to what #MauryBlair has to say on the subject on his Loud Cry program #HelpingTheAbused . Maury is a #survivor of #abuse himself and follower of #Christ and knows just how powerful #faith can be in ones  darkest moments.  
Abuse can come in many forms as we all probably are aware already but the stigma that one is worse than another still exists: #sexualabuse , #emotionalabuse , and #mentalabuse can all have the same crippling long term effects. As well, it doesn't matter whether you are a #man or a #woman #abuse is just that, abuse. I encourage everyone to share this in hopes that someone who needs to hear this message will get the opportunity to do just that. If only one person can be helped is not worth it?  Help end the silence.

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