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April 14, 2015

Naomi Striemer: Born a Star Destined to Serve Christ

Naomi Striemer 's humble beginnings as a missionary farmers daughter growing up in Nova Scotia ultimately paved the way for her future but it took a visit to #PuffDaddy to solidify this elegant songstress's #faith.
After years of trials and errors playing in coffee clubs such as #Chapters in #Toronto she finally got her big break and found herself rubbing shoulders with the likes of #Justintimberlake and #RandyJackson. #NaomiStreimer even cut a single called #Cars with #GrammyAwards winner #CarlosSantana.
That visit to Puff Daddy's studio changed everything when she was informed of a dream a chauffeur had of Naomi he claimed that an angel told informed him she should change paths. 
So, Naoimi did. Naoimi decided to head back to her roots of #Christ and the #Church and pursue a career in contemporary #ChristianMusic. Choosing to pursue a greater earthly purpose over fame and fortune is not an easy decision for anyone and Naomi was no exception. Luckily for her and us alike #God in fact had much greater intentions for her.
Now instead of appearing in pop culture media forms such as #Billboard she can be seen on #The700Club , #TheHourofPower , #100HuntleyStreet , and #ItIsWritten.
Naomi has also taken involvement with many great causes including: #SickKidsHospital , #ADRACanada, and #CompassionArtist. 
 Her career has stretched far past just music as she has written a critically acclaimed book titled #BackstagePass which depicts her struggles, she regularly blogs, and hosts a #radio program exclusively for
Naomi is approachable as the lyrics she sings. A truly wonderful and gifted young lady who remained as humble as her up bringing. 
In a #media world filled with sex, drugs, and earthly possession Naoimi is a #blessing and a true breath of #fresh air.

If you would like to bring Naomi's incredible talents to your House of God visit

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