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December 31, 2015

Read The Full Story ➡️ Many gullible Americans don't know their history. They especially do not know that the financial collapse that the U.S. and Canada are in was created by the Feds and the central banks and controlled by the Vatican, The rich illuminati and the United Nations. When a government starts banning guns then begins gun confiscation, it means only one thing. They plan to terminate most of their citizens in case the citizens revolt against having their bank deposits stolen by the banks to cover up their bankruptcies. If you think your government is banning guns in order to protect you, you got another thing coming. A citizen with no firearm can not protect himself from a criminal government. Who do you think actually created all those terrorist attacks in Ottawa and all over the U.S. And Paris? It's the same people who wants to take away your guns. Strike fear into the hearts of all citizens with falsely created attacks then use that fear to disarm the people, once disarmed the citizens will walk quietly into the FEMA Death Camps and away we go ... Yes, WITHOUT NOTICE!! Gun control legislation going into effect in California next week will allow authorities to seize a person’s weapons for 21 days if a judge determines there is potential for violence...Read The Full Story ➡️ #townsends #norfolkcounty #shelby #westwood #michigan #miami #berriensprings #tuscon #arizona #victorville #ca #fairhope #alabama #russellville #kentucky #pittsburgh #hattiesburg #mississippi #orangepark #longbeach by newzbuzz

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