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March 6, 2016

Hello Jadineland. May tickets ka na ba for the Toronto show?? Kahit na sold out na ang VIP tickets, may chance ka pa rin to see them face to face. BUY A CD AND YOU CAN GET THEM SIGNED IN PERSON BY JAMES AND NADINE . Please contact Sani of primetimeeventsmanagement and Belinda of @blackdiamondeventmanagement . Or call the following number: SANI: 647-242-6949 BELINDA: 647-686-9841 MELO: 647-771-6949 #JaDine #JamesReid #NadineLustre You could also DM US for further information. CD'S are in limited quantity. Ano pang hinihintay nyo. Hurry why supplies last. Kita kits !!! #jadine #jamesreid #nadinelustre #highonlove #toronto {WLJD USA, ADMIN J } by wljdunitedstates

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