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March 15, 2016

✔ Organic skincare is awesome - and rather expensive! That's why it's wise to pick up such skincare products from local and relatively unknown brands. One such brand from my native Bosnia and Herzegovina is Omnia Natura 🌿 I highly recommend their Anti-Ageing Immortelle Elixir 🚩 It contains the expensive 100% pure, organic immortelle - and yet it costs under ten bucks! 💸 More on why exactly I love it and where to buy it during your visit to Bosnia is at the blog (link in bio) #organic #skincare #skincarejunkie #organicskincare #bosniaandherzegovina #bosnaihercegovina #bosanskiproizvod #bosanskiproizvodi #madeinbosnia #madeinbosniaandherzegovina #omnianatura by simply.selma

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