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March 30, 2016

Yesterday's workout consisted of dancing for about an hour to #ReFitRev videos on YouTube!!! They are my absolute favorite... and more than anything, I enjoy working out to #ChristianMusic with them!!! @refitrev Then, I ended the night with some motivation from an IG friend, @miss_laughs, who I noticed had posted her #ForearmStand. When I saw that, I immediately felt like dropping everything and trying it right there where I was... but I was sitting in the car so it had to wait! Later on, I did it and there you have it folks... might be in ridiculous form, but I am so proud to have gotten my feet off the ground!!! (That was my goal, btw) I'm in love with the challenge that comes with being #UpsideDown! 🙃. Oh, it lasted 2 seconds... just enough to get a clear shot! 😁. Hey, it only gets better with practice!!! #ThisIsNormal #MyleensHandstands #MyleensHeadstands #MyleensFitBit #DanceWorkout #ChristianWorkout by myleen37

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