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April 25, 2016

As I prepare for next week and the changes that I'm about to experience throughout this recovery, I won't lie. Fear has really tried to creep in. One thing that keeps me from being overcome by the fear is knowing that God has got this and that whatever is meant to happen is meant to be. I keep listening over and over again to @beckahshae because her music is literally the only music in this entire world that takes me straight to God and keeps anxiety, panic and fear a little bit more at bay. I have pre-op tomorrow and am making sure that I can have at least my Beckah Shae music with me to help me through this journey/recovery! I pray that I will be well enough to be able to enjoy the new release of Mighty in June! Please if I can ask one thing from everyone if you can help make Mighty happen by clicking the link in my Instagram bio, or by clicking Beckah's name on the picture and go donate to Kickstarter that would truly be a wonderful gift! I have a birthday coming next Monday and all I really want is more healthy positive music to help through life's craziness! And Beckah is truly the best and most influential to me! No it's not all I want.. Of course I want a successful surgery next Wednesday, a healthy recovery, peace, joy and happiness for all my friends and family and most of all for everyone to know Gods great love for us all! But it would be pretty cool if you could also help make mighty happen 😉. #beckahshaemusic #beckahshae #mightyalbumproject #kickstarter #kickstarterproject #kickstarterbacker #glorytogod #GodisGood #godswillnotmine #faithhopelove #positivemusic #christianmusic #musicforthesoul #music #musiclover by crose8034

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