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April 1, 2016

Both babies sleeping 🙌🏻 doing some house chores and listening to Christian music on pandora! In January I decided to challenge myself {because that's what I do now 😉} to only listen to Christian music for 30 days! At first it was hard because I'm a total change the radio when it's not music person but I did it - I listened to KLOVE in the car and Pandora at home and on my jogs (90.7 for uintah basin peeps) for ALL of January! WELLLLLLL the challenge went well because it's April - I'm still listening! I'm still listening because when I surround myself with GOOD life is GOOD! When I listen to JOY I feel JOY! #christianmusic #pandora #kloveradio #inspire #uplift #feeljoy by russandjulielamb

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