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April 8, 2016

How many know that the weakness of our flesh allows us to become imprisoned by sin? And though Jesus, through his death on the cross, unlocks the door and swings it wide open, we just sit there, lacking the strength and even the desire to get up and walk out of that prison cell. So Jesus pursues us further, entering the cell of our lives and reaches out his hand, that if we just reach back, he'll give us the strength to stand. And after standing, to walk and not stop and not turn back around, until we're free from that prison cell! And, in time, he will also give us the desire for the good things he has in store for us, as he changes our hearts and continues drawing us closer to himself. Lord, this is the prayer of my heart: Touch Our World. #christiansong #christianmusic #christianartist #musicministry #jesus #salvation #freedom #strength #deliverance #setfree #nolongerbound #luke418 #ronriddlemusic #touchourworld #powertochange #freefromsin #newsong by ronriddlemusic

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