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April 23, 2016

I am amazed that I can call, You, the Lord of the universe, MINE. I can call the same One who breathed the stars to life, Mine. You called me loved, when everyone else called me millions of curses. When the world called me an accident, You reminded me that I had a given purpose. When the enemy knocked me to the ground, You picked me up. I am home here with You, Jesus. I am unworthy of this love of Yours, but You give it to me anyway. You gave me worth. I thank You God for all that You've done in my life. I thank You for calling me Yours. And I thank You for the loving fact that You are also Mine. 💛 - Don't you just love the fact that You are God's and He is yours? It's so beautiful when you start to realize just how precious God is, and how wonderful His love for you is. You are His, and by being His, You are far more beautiful than anything is this entire universe. You are far more beautiful and valuable than any gem found in this earth, and far more beautiful and valuable than all the stars in the heavens. You are a daughter of God, a beloved princess. Be amazed at all He still has left to show you on this journey called life. Live life to the fullest in His arms. You'll love it. - Song: "Mine" by Hollyn 🌸 - Blessings! by god_girl

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