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April 1, 2016

This is a sketch that I did that the band @forkingandcountry reposted last summer (along with some kind words). It's based on their song Run Wild (great song). They are so good to their fans, with the push they gave me, (almost 10,000 likes) I gained more followers in an hour than I would have in a month! I decided to close my previous account (laverseart) and start over just cuz I wanted to be doing this for the right reason, not just for likes or follows. Anyway, I would recommend seeing the band in concert. They are super dynamic. They climb ladders. And stage equipment. And then jump off! Seriously! #drawing #christianart #christianmusic #worshipmusic #worship #forkingandcountry #abstractart #streetart #music #skater #sketch by laverseart75

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