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May 3, 2016

#soexcited #tossbacktuesday #throwback #goingtoalive #skilletmusic @skilletmusic @alivefestival Applying for ATeam this year. It will be the first time I volunteer at Alive, but 4th time I've volunteered at a large #christianmusicfestival (the others were lifest and big ticket). Have to wait to apply in early June but have till my bday so I'm good. :) have to make sure I can get the days off from my summer job (i have control over my schedule at my other job as I'm the owner lol but taking an extra job in the summer to earn some income before my second masters starts) Praying it works out. Always love working at the festivals, get to talk with some great people and if you're there alone it's away to feel more connected. And yays #camping! Lol by tiff_alani_aragorn

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